Thursday at ECM28

On August 28, 2013, in News, by Richard Cooper

Last night was the conference Gala Dinner and Ceilidh – we hope everyone is feeling bright and breezy and ready for another action packed day at ECM 28.

Plenary Lecture and Closing Ceremony
The conference plenary lecture Quasi-Periodic Materials – Crystals Redefined by Professor Dan Shechtman will take place at 17:30 in Butterworth Hall. The lecture will be immediately followed by the ECM 28 Closing Ceremony.

Poster Prizes
Poster Prizes will be presented at the ECM Closing Ceremony which starts at 18:30 on Thursday 29 August 2013 in the Butterworth Hall.

Excursion to Diamond
If you are booked on the excursion to visit Diamond Light Source and ISIS neutron source – coaches will leave from outside the Arts Centre at 08:00 and will arrive back at the University at 15:00

Checking Out
On the day that you leave, please vacate your room by 09:30am and drop your key card in the box in your accommodation, or return it to reception.

Don’t forget to take your poster with you!


This is the last ECM28 daily newsletter, we hope you have found it a useful addition to the printed and online conference programme. We wish you a safe journey home and look forward to seeing you at IUCr2014 in Montreal and ECM29 in Croatia in 2015.

Events today

09:00 – 20:00 The Two Braggs Exhibiton. A major exhibition celebrating the lives of W. H. and W. L. Bragg, running throughout ECM28: for the first time it will be possible to view historic equipment, notebooks, honours, letters, films and artwork. The exhibition will be  open from 09:00 – 20:00 every day in the Helen Martin Studio in the Arts Centre Building.

12:00 A Beamline for Any Occasion “A single-crystal diffraction facility for studying small molecules, not-so-small molecules, and molecules under the influence” – Dave Allan and “X-rays, fragments, and loads of crystals: a chemical microscope for macromolecular crystallography” – Frank von Delft (Theatre)

12:00 Discovery of X-ray Diffraction by Laue, Friedrich and Knipping – a critical account. A. Authier (Woods Scawen Room)

12:00 IUCr Diffraction Data Deposition Working Group “Diffraction Data Deposition Open Forum” A review of the DDD working group progress since 2011 and open discussion with the community (Cinema)

12:00 British Crystallographers: the BCA PCG-SCMP Annual General Meeting will be in the Ensemble Room

13:00 British Crystallographers: the BCA YCG Annual General Meeting will be in the Woods-Scawen Room

13:00 Film: “Driven to Diffraction” (Cinema)

17:30 ECM28 Plenary Lecture: Quasi-Periodic Material – Crystals Redefined by Professor Dan Shechtman (Butterworth Hall)

18:30 Closing Ceremony. Including award of poster prizes (Butterworth Hall)


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