The poster boards are 1m wide by 2m high Portrait Style.

ECM28 Poster Prizes

The organisers of ECM28 are delighted to announce a broad range of Prizes for the best and most interesting posters displayed at the ECM at Warwick University. We are very grateful to the organisations which have generously sponsored the prizes, and we encourage all poster presenters to consider entering their work.

If you think your poster is eligible for a particular Poster Prize, it probably is! All presenters who wish to enter their posters for the Poster Prize competitions should submit their details at the Registration Area in Senate House before 18:30 on Monday 26th August 2013.

The ECA has established a panel of independent judges who will assess the posters, and the Poster Prizes will be presented at the ECM Closing Ceremony which starts at 18:30 on Thursday 29 August 2013 in the Butterworth Hall.

RCSB Protein Data Bank Poster Prize

Field: Macromolecular Crystallography
Sponsor: RCSB PDB
Specified Criteria: For the best student poster related to macromolecular crystallography.

SIG4 Electron Crystallography Poster Prize ×2

Field: Electron Crystallography
Sponsors: Calidris & Nanomegas
Specified Criteria: For young scientists (< 35 years) presenting remarkable research in the field of electron crystallography.

SIG 6 Jacek Grochowski Poster Prize

Field: Instrumentation and Experimental Techniques
Sponsor: SRS Daresbury Laboratory and the University of Manchester
Specified Criteria: This Prize is given in memory of Professor Jacek Grochowski who was greatly involved in SIG6 and in ECA and is open to all relevant contributions.

SIG9 Crystallographic Computing Poster Prize

Field: Computational Crystallography
Sponsor: OlexSys
Specified Criteria: No specific criteria; open to all.

SIG12 Poster Prize

Field: Functional materials
Sponsor: Stoe & Cie Gmbh
Specified Criteria: For the best poster on functional materials presented by a student at ECM28.

IUCr Poster Prize ×3

Field: Biological, Chemical and Physical Crystallography
Sponsor: IUCr
Specified Criteria: A prize will be awarded to the best poster from a graduate or undergraduate student.

Oxford Cryosystems Low Temperature Prize

Sponsor: Oxford Cryosystems
Specified Criteria: Awarded to the best poster describing applications of or developments in low temperature crystallography.

CCDC Poster Prize ×3

Field: Chemical crystallography
Sponsor: CCDC
Specified Criteria: Chemical crystallography, including advances in instrumental, experimental or computational techniques and Applications of small-molecule crystallographic information in, e.g., structural chemistry, molecular modelling, materials design, structural biology or chemical informatics.

Marresearch Poster Prize for Outstanding Young Scientists ×2

Field: Any
Sponsor: Marresearch
Specified Criteria: Eligible candidates for this Prize are female or male Ph.D. students or undergraduate students who are presenting a poster during one of the poster sessions at the ECM28.

ECM28 Poster Prize for Mineralogy and Allied Disciplines

Field: Mineralogical sciences and allied disciplines
Sponsor: ECM28
Specified Criteria: Awarded to younger scientists working in mineralogical sciences and related disciplines. The term ‘younger scientists’ includes undergraduate and graduate students and younger researchers who have completed their PhD within the past four years.

XMaS Poster Prize

Field: Materials research using Synchrotron Radiation
Sponsor: XMaS Mid-Range Facility
Specified Criteria: Student work if possible