Plenary Lecture

Plenary LectureThursday 29th 17:30–18:30

PL 1 Professor Dan Shechtman
Technion, Israel
Quasi-Periodic Materials – Crystals Redefined
Chair: Marc de Boissieu


Keynote Lectures

We are delighted to announce the following Keynote Lectures at ECM28. Lectures are one hour in length and are scheduled in parallel within each session .


Keynote Session 1 Monday 17:30–18:30

KN 1 Professor Julien Haines
Université Montpellier, France.
In situ structural studies under extreme conditions: the precision frontier
Chair: Leonid Dubrovinsky

KN 2 Professor Manajit Hayer-Hartl
MPI Biochemistry Martinsried, Germany
Molecular chaperones for the folding, assembly and maintenance of RuBisCO
Chair: Marjolein Thunnissen

Keynote Session 2 Tuesday 08:30–09:30

KN 3 Professor Ian Robinson
University College London, UK
Imaging nanoparticles using coherent diffraction
Chair: Gerd Materlik

KN 4 Professor Dietmar Stalke
University of Göttingen, Germany
What a synthetic chemist learns from charge density
Chair: Judith Howard

Keynote Session 3 Tuesday 16:30–17:30

KN 5 Professor Zbigniew Dauter
Argonne National Laboratory, USA
The brain as a validation tool
Chair: Harry Powell

KN 6 Professor Fernando Lahoz
Institute of Chemical Synthesis and Homogeneous Catalysis, Spain
How structural studies may underpin enantioselective catalysis
Chair: Claude Lecomte

KN 7 Professor Joanne Etheridge
Monash University, Australia
Solving the structure of nanostructured materials using focussed electron beams
Chair: Ute Kolb

Keynote Session 4 Wednesday 08:30–09:30

KN 8 Professor Wayne Hendrickson
University of Columbia, USA
Multi-crystal Native SAD Analysis of Macromolecular Structure
Chair: Keith Wilson

KN 9 Dr Lukas Palatinus
Institute of Physics, Czech Republic
Charge flipping & Co.: dual space algorithms in crystallography
Chair: Martin Lutz

KN 10 Professor Susan Schorr
Helmholtz-Zentrum, Berlin
Thin film solar cells: crystallography from A to Z
Chair: Karen Friese

Keynote Session 5 Wednesday 16:30–17:30

KN 11 Dr Sebastien Boutet,
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, USA
X-ray FEL instrumentation for structure and dynamics of biomolecules
Chair: Ian Robinson

KN 12 Professor Paul Attfield
University of Edinburgh, UK
The Verwey structure of magnetite – from crystals to powders to microcrystals
Chair: Helmut Ehrenberg

Keynote Session 6 Thursday 08:30–09:30

KN 13 Professor Pance Naumov
New York University, Abu Dhabi
Single crystals on the move: Kinematic analysis of thermosalient and photosalient phenomena
Chair: Paul Raithby

KN 14 Professor Marat Yusupov
IGBMC, Strasbourg, France
Crystal structure of eukaryotic ribosome
Chair: Elspeth Garman

Keynote Session 7 Thursday 16:30–17:30

KN 15 Professor Susan Bourne
University of Cape Town, South Africa
Building responsive metal-organic frameworks: modifying properties by structure
Chair: Alessia Bacchi

KN 16 Professor Reinhard Neder
University of Erlangen, Germany
PDF of nanocrystals
Chair: David Rafaja